National News and Lotteries Agents Ltd October 2018

The Victorian Newsagents Association, VANA and the Newsagents Association of NSW and ACT, NANA have set up a new identity to tackle industry issues and problems affecting all Australian Newsagents, Delivery Agents and Lottery Agents. The new organisation is National News and Lottery Agents Ltd.

National News and Lottery Agents Ltd, (NNLA) will initially have two members, VANA and NANA. NNLA will welcome other groups of Newsagents, Distribution Agents and Lottery Agents which are looking for a more effective representation of their interests.

VANA and NANA have a history of working together to achieve better outcomes for their Members but have been somewhat limited by state boundaries. The new association will be able to provide a united voice when communicating with major publishers and industry suppliers common to both organisations’ Members.

Victoria, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory is the largest combined market for our suppliers. It makes sense that one entity talking to suppliers on behalf of these States and Territory can discuss matters on a broader scale to achieve better outcomes for all parties.

VANA and NANA have a legacy of strong representation, actively keeping in touch with Members and acting on their behalf and this will continue and will be reinforced by NNLA.

The board of NNLA will comprise two representatives each from VANA and NANA. VANA has nominated Chris Pecora and Ron Thorpe with NANA represented by Greg Handley and Ian Booth. These four directors will allow greater representation utilising the strength and local knowledge of both associations.

Each Association retains its finances, assets, and Members. Both VANA and NANA are proven entities which are financially stable with strong asset portfolios. There will be no additional fees charged to Members of VANA or NANA. Membership of the new entity is automatic.

Achieving better outcomes for our Members is the first consideration and the priorities of the new association will be attuned to meeting that need.

Chris Pecora